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A Text Compilation of Educational Texts from Santiniketan

Unlike the Bauhaus, Kala Bhavana had no written manifesto or curriculum. However, a corpus of writing developed around the school, largely produced by the school’s artists and teachers. The academic Partha Mitter, whose own writing has explored the interplay between the struggle against colonialism, modernism, and the cultural avant-garde in India, has selected a group of texts on education in Santiniketan. Mitter’s selection of texts are published in a journal format for audiences to read. They range from Tagore’s reflections on his childhood abhorrence for the normative and disciplinarian teaching methods employed by colonial schools, which provoked his desire to reform education; excerpts from the collected writings of Nandalal Bose that describe his teaching method; practical and theoretical instruction from modernist master Benode Behari Mukherjee; to an example of K. G. Subramanyan’s prolific writings on art, aesthetics, pedagogy, and cultural translation.

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