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From the Preliminary Courses by Johannes Itten and Josef Albers

Material Exercises, 1920–28

The emphasis on material experimentation was reflected in the Vorkurs or “preliminary course,” where the fundamental principles of the Bauhaus were introduced: a corresponding emphasis on craft took root in the Bauhaus’s newly-established workshops.

Credits: Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Bauhaus-Museum (Dauerleihgabe aus Privatbesitz) / © (Erich Consemüller) Stephan Consemüller / © (Arieh Sharon) Yael Aloni / © (Hinrich Bredendieck) Karl Bredendieck / © (Lotte Collein) Kirsten­ Collein, Ursula / © (Max Bronstein (Mordecai Ardon)) Ora Ardon
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