Event Documentation

Questions of the Audience to the Speakers

Questions posed by the audience at the bauhaus imaginista
conference Moving Away: Decolonizing the Campus in Lagos, Nigeria.
Photo: © Keren Kuenberg.

Photo: © Keren Kuenberg.

Photo: © Keren Kuenberg.

Photo: © Keren Kuenberg.

Audience 1

"The concrete used in the construction of the buildings, is it cast in situ or pre cast concrete?"

Audience 2

"What's the basic idea conceived by Bauhaus when given a design?"

Audience 3

"1. There has been the talk about nodes and tradition. Can there be a little enlightenment about the mystery in the building? This, partly because these buildings are a living entity.

2. How essential are the colours used and why were they used? In some newer buildings, the colours change.

3. The previous masterplan reportedly has an airship. Is that part of the new masterplan?"

Audience 4

"Is the Architect (Arieh Sharon) Related to the Politician (Ariel Sharon)? For Prof. Zvi Efrat"

Audience 5

"Arc (sic!) Sharon Respected to Yorba culture and acknowledge (sic!) it in the designs of the university. Where are the display of the cultures in Nigeria since the Campus consist of people of diverse culture?"

Audience 6

"The new senate/administrative building is reportedly designed like a ship (if I'm correct). Is it not a disconnect from the existing forms?"

Photo: © Keren Kuenberg.

Photo: © Keren Kuenberg.

Photo: © Keren Kuenberg.

Audience 7

"This is more of a suggestion than a question. I feel the students of architecture and generally students of the Faculty of Environmental Design are undervalued, new buildings springing up on the Campus should be thrown out as student competitions, these would go a long way in proving the quality of education and the level of architectural discipline instilled in the students by the lecturers. It would also allow for students voices to be heard and their line of reasoning known. All these could definitely be done with the supervision of lecturers and members of staff."

Audience 8

"History is very important but also it is equally imoirtant for us to move forward. The word was ways moved away from the international style to the high tech style. How best can we move forward with time while still keeping the international origin intact and also maintaining our African heritage and thus developing our own unique Architecture."

Audience 9

"My question is with the great legacy and great Vission (sic!) of Sharon. Why is no building named after Sharon?"

Audience 10

"I pose this question to the professor in the school (OAU)

Who has been responsible for the architectural design of the buildings that have built in the last 10 years in OAU, do they not undergo ratification from a committee in the school?

Secondly: Were there no plans for a case of explosion in student population?"

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