Exhibition Slideshow

Archive Faraoui and De Mazières

Between 1968 and 1978, the architectural office Faraoui and De Mazières commissioned artists to make works for new architectural projects, conceived specifically around the concept of integration—a term from which this body of work subsequently took its name. Factories, hospitals, universities, holiday centres, banks and hotels all benefited from this unique syncretistic practice, situated between art and architecture.
Part of the ongoing work of the Casablanca group, this collaborative approach opened the way for new methods of appropriating popular Moroccan arts and crafts, as well as reformulating the conventional ways in which works of art were normally regarded. According to the members of the Casablanca group, art must demonstrate use-value and be integrated within society.

Exhibition slideshow by Maud Houssais and Jawad Elajnad, for bauhaus imaginista 2018.
Credits: Archives du Cabinet Faraoui et de Mazières
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