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From the Philipp Tolziner Archive, 1928–67

Selection of Personal Documents

In his personal archive the architect Philipp Tolziner collected and preserved his works from his time at the Bauhaus, as well as information on the migratory existence of Bauhaus teacher Hannes Meyer and the seven students who worked as a group in the Soviet Union and later individually in Latin America, the German Democratic Republic, Iran, Switzerland, North Korea, and Hungary.

Credit: Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

As a Bauhaus student, Tolziner had been involved in the construction of the Balcony houses at the Törten settlement in Dessau and the Trade Union School in Bernau. He survived incarceration in the Usollag labor camp in Solikamsk, near Perm in the Urals. He never left the Soviet Union, working in the Urals and later in Moscow on housing projects. With precarious means, Tolziner copied and reproduced files, added authors, titles, years, and inventory numbers to his personal archive, creating an impressive Bauhaus archive in his Moscow flat. In 1996, he donated the archive to the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin, where it is stored in the same way it was organized by Tolziner in Moscow.

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