Anshuman Dasgupta

Curatorial Researcher: Corresponding With

Anshuman Dasgupta is an art historian and curator teaching in Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan since 1997. He studied Art History in Santiniketan and M.S University, Baroda Goldsmiths College, London and Film Appreciation in F.T.I.I. Pune.

Dasgupta is currently one of the official researchers for bauhaus imaginista: Corresponding With and also elected the chief curator for Kala Bhavan in its 100 years (which was founded by Rabindranath Tagore in the year 1919, the same year as Bauhaus).

Completed PhD from Curatorial/Knowledge Ph.D programme at the department of Visual cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Dasgupta has published in journals like LKC, Marg, Art-India and de Appel. His essays are also part of larger compilations like The Curatorial: A Philosophy of Curating (ed. Jean Paul Martinon, pub. Bloomsbury Academic London), Towards a New Art History: Studies in Indian Art (ed. S.K. Panikker, Parul Dave Mukherje, pub. D.K. Print World), Art & Visual Culture in India 1857-2007 (Marg Publications), Contemporary Indian Sculpture; Last Two Decades (Marg Publications), Curating Subjects (ed. Paul O Neil, pub. Open Editions, London & De Appel, Amsterdam), Santhal Family: Positions around an Indian Sculpture (ed. Monica Szewczyk, Grant Watson & Anshuman Dasgupta, MuHKA , Antwerp), Michael Strasser: Exotic Strings a Compilation (ed. Gabrielle Cram & Michael Strasser, Verlag Für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg).

Dasgupta's collaborative sound project (work of art) ‘Short Wave’s Transit Tales’ is commissioned by Documenta (the German international exhibition project, under its Radio project and was transmitted in 8 countries of 4 continents). This piece has been recently selected as one of the 80 works from the world to be shown in three exhibitions in Basel, Switzerland and Berlin and Weimar, Germany.

His major curatorial projects include exhibitions during the birth centenary of Antonin Artaud (1995, Alliance Francaise, New Delhi), Santhal Family at MuHKA (2007–2008, Antwerp), and Ramkinkar Baij Centenary Exhibition at Visva-Bharati (2006–2007).