Daniel Talesnik

Curatorial Researcher: Moving Away

Daniel Talesnik is a trained architect specializing in modern and contemporary architecture and urbanism, with a particular focus on architectural pedagogy and relationships between architecture and political ideologies. He was awarded a PhD by Columbia University in 2016 with the dissertation The Itinerant Red Bauhaus, or the Third Emigration, which describes a group of Bauhaus students that followed Hannes Meyer to the Soviet Union in 1930. This politically driven and short-lived brigade was an itinerant extension of Meyer’s Bauhaus tenure. The research moves from the Bauhaus to the Soviet Union, and finishes in postwar in countries like Chile, Hungary, Iran, and North Korea where some of these architects worked.


Daniel has published Bauhaus-related texts, including a report on his dissertation in ABE Journal 11 (2017). He has several forthcoming texts including: 'Architectural Analysis: an Itinerant Pedagogy,' from the proceedings of the Dust and Data Colloquium (November 2016, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, edited by Ines Weizman); 'Tibor Weiner: From the Soviet Union to South America,' from the proceedings of Hannes Meyer as Pedagogue Symposium (March 2018, Kassel University, edited by Philipp Oswalt). He has published articles, book chapters and interviews on other architectural topics including: 'Monumentality and Resignification: The UNCTAD III Building in Chile,' in: Helen Gyger and Patricio del Real (eds.): Latin American Modern Architectures: Ambiguous Territories, Routledge, New York 2013, p. 135–52; 'A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities,' in: Alejandra Celedón and Stephannie Fell (eds.): Stadium, Park Books, Zurich 2018, p. 166–74 — catalogue of the Chilean Pavilion in the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.


Daniel has taught studio and history / theory courses at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning and the School of Architecture at the Universidad Católica of Chile. In 2016–2017 he was a full-time Visiting Assistant Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Since September 2017 he teaches at the Technische Universität München and is a Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in its Architekturmuseum.


Photo by Laura Trumpp