Hiromitsu Umemiya

Curatorial Advisor: Corresponding With

Hiromitsu Umemiya is Professor at the Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University. He focusses on the Bauhaus's influence on Japanese design. For bauhaus imaginista Hiromitsu is Curatorial Advisor for the chapter Corresponding With.


Hiromitsu studied architecture at Kindai University (B.A.) and Kyoto Institute of Technology (M.A.). He obtained his doctorate at Kobe University in 1994. From 1983 to 1987 he was editor of the Japanese architectural magazine Toshi Jutaku (Space Design) by Kajima Institute Publishing Company. From 1994 until today he is a Graduate of Human Development and Environment at Kobe University.


In 2018 Hiromitsu is member of the Nomination Committee for Prizes of SAHJ at the Society of Architectural Historians of Japan.

From 2006 to 2008 Hiromitsu was on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Architecture and Planning, Architectural Institute of Japan. In 2008 to 2011 he was Chairman of the Editorial Board for the Journal of The Japan Society of Design. Since 2003 he is member of DOCOMOMO International, DOCOMOMO Japan and since 2015 Assistant Section Chief of Committee for History of Modern Architecture at the Architectural Institute of Japan.


Selected publications are:

'Renshichiro Kawakita: Reciprocating Motion between Real Life and Utopia', in: Shokokusha (ed.): Modernist Reconsiderd Japan, Shokokusha Publishing 2017.

'Sadanosuke Nakada and Modernist Architects: From the Context of Acceptance of Bauhaus in Japan', in: T. Omuka and Hiromitsu Umemiya (eds.): Selected Literary Works of Art Critic Sadanosuke Nakada, Yumani Shobo 2016.

'Idea of Trocken Montagebau in the 1930s Japan', in: Publication Committee (ed.): Festschrift in Honour of Dr. Masao Nakamura, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto Institute of Technology, Shibunkaku 2004.

'Naked Functionalism and the Anti-Aesthetic: Activities of Renshichiro Kawakita in the 1930s', in: T. Omuka and T. Mizusawa (eds.): Modernism / Nationarism; Art in the 1930s Japan, Serica Syobo 2003.

'The Tubular Steel Chair made in Japan in the 1930s: Echoes of the Bauhaus and its Historical Context', in: H. Fujita (ed.): A History of Japanese and Western Design: Exchange and Influence, Shibunkaku 2001.

'The Acceptable Face of Bauhaus in Japan and Ethos of the Avant-garde', in: Sezon Museum (ed.): BAUHAUS 1919-1933, Sezon Museum 1995.