Marion von Osten


Marion von Osten (1963–2020) was a curator, researcher and writer. She assumed the position of curator and artistic director of bauhaus imaginista (2018–2019) in 2014, and was joined by Grant Watson as co-curator and artistic director in 2016. → more

Grant Watson


Grant Watson is a curator and researcher based in London. With Marion von Osten he developed the conceptual and structural framework for bauhaus imaginista which was launched in 2016. → more

●Researchers, Artists, and Designers

Kader Attia

Commisssioned Artist: Learning From

Kader Attia lives and works in Berlin and Algiers. His research focuses on the concept of repair as a constant in human nature, about which the Western and non-Western worlds have always had opposing visions. → more

Elissa Auther

Curatorial Researcher: Learning From

Elissa Auther is the Windgate Research and Collections Curator at the Museum of Arts and Design and Visiting Associate Professor at the Bard Graduate Center in Manhattan. → more

Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan

Curatorial Advisor: Moving Away

Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan is Professor at the School of Design, Ambedkar University, Delhi, India. Her research interests centre on nineteenth and twentieth-century craft and design in the Indian subcontinent.  → more

Regina Bittner

Curatorial Advisor: Moving Away

Regina Bittner is head of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Academy. Her work focuses on international architecture and urban research, modernity and migration, the cultural history of modernity and heritage studies. → more


Exhibition Graphics

Bonbon was founded in 2003 by Valeria Bonin and Diego Bontognali in Zurich. Mirko Leuenberger has been a permanent member of the team since 2015. → more

Gavin Butt

Fellow Researcher: Still Undead

Gavin Butt is a writer, scholar, filmmaker, and curator. His publications span art history, visual culture, performance studies, popular music, and queer studies. He is Attenborough Chair in Drama, Theatre and Performance. → more

Helena Čapková

Curatorial Researcher: Corresponding With

Helena Čapková is a Tokyo-based curator, researcher, and art history professor at Waseda University, Tokyo. She studied transnational visual culture and Japanese studies in Prague and London. → more

Zhang Chunyan

Fellow Researcher: Moving Away

Zhang Chunyan (Hangzhou, China) is the Assistant Director of China Design Museum (CDM) at China Academy of Art (CAA), and curator and researcher at the Bauhaus Institute, at CAA. → more

Alice Creischer

Commissioned Artist: Moving Away

Alice Creischer studied Philosophy, German literature and Visual Arts in Düsseldorf. In the Nineties, Creischer contributed to a great number of collective projects, publications, and exhibitions. → more

Anshuman Dasgupta

Curatorial Researcher: Corresponding With

Anshuman Dasgupta is an art historian and curator teaching in Visva-Bharati University. He is currently chief curator for Kala Bhavan in its 100 years (founded by Rabindranath Tagore in 1919). → more

Zvi Efrat

Commissioned Artist: Moving Away

Zvi Efrat is a Tel Aviv based architect and architectural historian at Efrat-Kowalsky Architects (EKA). The office specializes in the design of museums and in the reprogramming and reuse of existing structures. → more

Tatiana Efrussi

Fellow Researcher: Moving Away

Tatiana Efrussi is an artist and art historian currently based in Paris. In 2011 she graduated from Moscow State Lomonosov University with a paper on Soviet connections to the Bauhaus. → more

Fabienne Eggelhöfer

Fellow Researcher: Corresponding With, Learning From

In 2017 Fabienne Eggelhoefer has been appointed chief curator and head of collection, exhibitions and research at the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern.  → more

Thomas Flierl

Curatorial Advisor: Moving Away

Thomas Flierl was Senator for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin (2002–2006). Today he is an independent architectural historian and publicist with his focus on the Bauhaus in the SU and the GDR. → more

Erin Alexa Freedman

Curatorial Researcher: Learning From

Erin Alexa Freedman studies the history of technology and design, with a particular focus on how processes of making and knowing are conceived by practitioners across the domains of art, craft and science.  → more

Luca Frei

Commissioned Artist: Corresponding With

Luca Frei's work includes a wide range of media such as drawing, collage, painting, installation, performance, video, and photography, often developed in response to a specific context. → more

Matthias Görlich

Exhibition Graphics

Matthias Görlich is a communication designer, teacher, and researcher. In 2000, he set up his design studio as a platform for critical research, education, and design development.  → more

Anja Guttenberger

Curatorial Researcher: All Chapters

Anja Guttenberger is an independent Bauhaus researcher, author, editor and curator. For bauhaus imaginista she has carried out research for all conceptual chapters in archives in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. → more

Christian Hiller

Curatorial Researcher: Still Undead

Christian Hiller is a media scientist, curator and editor at ARCH+ Zeitschrift für Architektur und Stadtdiskurs. He studied film and media studies and has collaborated on interdisciplinary exhibition projects. → more

Maud Houssais

Curatorial Researcher: Learning From

Maud Houssais is an independent researcher. Her research focuses on the elaboration of an alternative art scene in Morocco from the 1960s, with a particular focus on discourses and artistic practices in the public space. → more

Yuko Ikeda

Fellow Researcher: Corresponding With

Yuko Ikeda is Senior Curator at The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and co-curator of the exhibition bauhaus imaginista: Corresponding With Momak in Kyoto. → more

Knoth & Renner

Graphic Design Online Journal

Knoth & Renner work on the intersection of digital culture and graphic design. They collaborate since 2011 in Berlin and Leipzig. → more

Eduard Kögel

Curatorial Advisor: Moving Away

Eduard Kögel studied architecture, urban and landscape planning. He currently works as an independent advisor and researcher focusing on transfer histories between Europe and Asia.  → more

Kooperative für Darstellungspolitik

Exhibition Design

The Kooperative für Darstellungspolitik engages in research into the representation of political and cultural concerns in the public sphere. → more

Doreen Mende

Commissioned Artist: Moving Away

Doreen Mende is a curator, theorist, researcher, and writer. She is currently Associate Professor and Head of the CCC Research Master and PhD-Forum of the Visual Arts Department at HEAD in Geneva. → more

Mariana Meneses

Fellow Researcher: Still Undead

Mariana is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Creative Economy Engagement by Midlands3Cities. She is researching the legacy and influence of the Bauhaus in Great Britain, particularly in popular youth culture. → more

Partha Mitter

Curatorial Advisor: Corresponding With

Partha Mitter is Emeritus Professor in art history. As writer and historian of art and culture, he specializes in the reception of Indian art in the West and in global modernism. → more

Jin Motohashi

Fellow Researcher: Corresponding With

Jin Motohashi completed his PhD at Waseda University. He is a Doctor of Engineering. Since 2017 he is assistant curator at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. → more

The Otolith Group

Commissioned Artist: Corresponding With

The Otolith Group, founded in 2002, consists of Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun, both of whom live and work in London. Its work is research-based and focuses in particular on the essay film. → more

Julie Peeters

Visual Identity

Julie Peeters lives and works in Brussels. She studied at Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht and Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem. Since 2006, she has been running her own studio. → more

Luiza Proença

Curatorial Researcher: Learning From

Luiza Proença is a contemporary art writer, editor and curator based in São Paulo, Brazil. She is the former curator of mediation and public programmes of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo. → more

Daniel Talesnik

Curatorial Researcher: Moving Away

Daniel Talesnik is a trained architect specializing in modern and contemporary architecture, focussing on architectural pedagogy and relationships between architecture and political ideologies. → more

Hiromitsu Umemiya

Curatorial Advisor: Corresponding With

Hiromitsu Umemiya is a trained architect and Professor at the Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University. He focusses on the Bauhaus's influence on Japanese design.  → more

Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Commissioned Artist: Moving Away

Wendelien van Oldenborgh develops works in which the cinematic format is used as a methodology for production and as the basic language for various forms of presentation. → more

Gao Yuan

Fellow Researcher: Moving Away

Gao Yuan works as a project manger in China Design Museum (CDM) at China Academy of Art (CAA). He co-curated with his team at CDM the bauhaus imaginista exhibtion Moving Away. → more

●bauhaus imaginista Production Team 2018–2019

Julia Jung

Project Manager

Julia Jung has a degree in Business Administration and holds an MA in Arts and Cultural Management. She has many years’ professional experience in project management and event planning. → more

Mathilde Weh

Coordinator International Goethe-Instituts

Mathilde Weh is a deputy director, curator and musician and works in the department of visual arts at the headquarter of the Goethe-Institute in Munich. → more

Franziska Zahl

Exhibition Production

Franziska Zahl is a curatorial assistant, project manager, and Dj. She studied art history, cultural studies and Italian language and literature and in 2016 co-founded Bureau Konkret. → more

Annette Schryen


Annette Schryen is a freelance art historian and culture manager. She lives and works in Berlin. The emphasis of Annette Schryen’s professional activities lies in the field of modern and contemporary art. → more

Anja Guttenberger

Managing Editor Online Journal

Anja Guttenberger studied art history as well as English and Spanish philology. She received her PhD from the Freie Universität Berlin with her thesis about photographic self-portraits at the Bauhaus. → more

Iris Ströbel

Managing Editor Online Journal, Image Editor

Iris Ströbel is a text and image editor who studied cultural studies. Her editorial projects occupy the fields of contemporary art, film, architecture and their interfaces. → more

Michael Baers

Editor Online Journal

Michael Baers received his PhD from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in 2014. Since 2010 his work has focused on the cultural outcomes of conflict irresolution in the Middle East and North Africa. → more

Jill Winder

Managing Editor Catalogue

Jill Winder is a writer and editor who studied political theory and holds an M.A. from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York. → more

Hendrik von Boxberg

Press Communication

Hendrik von Boxberg is a freelance PR consultant based in Berlin. Hendrik von Boxberg studied Communication Science (Publizistik/Medienwissenschaften) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.  → more

Philipp Krüger

Project Administrator

Philipp Krüger is a graduate of the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen and the postgraduate course Curating in the Performing Arts at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg. → more

Jonas von Lenthe

Research Assistant

Jonas von Lenthe, a trained carpenter, has studied product and exhibition design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. Since 2016 he studies and Experimental Design at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (University of Fine Arts) in Hamburg. → more